Tengiz Amirejibi International Music Festival – 2013

Tengiz Amirejibi International Music Festival was established in 2013. The festival’s aim is to eternalize the name of great Georgian pianist and teacher Tengiz Amirejibi. Besides the fact that Tengiz Amirejibi was one of the best performer and interpreters of works of Chopin and the great promoter of Georgian music, he as a teacher left ineffaceable marks on the history of Georgian music. His students are laureates of many international competitions who promote name of Georgia worldwide and today successfully lead their activities in various countries. Among the students of Amirejibi are: Alexandre Korsantia, Manana Doijasvhili, Eliso Bolkvadze, Khatia Buniatashvili, Marina Nadiradze, Tamar Licheli, etc. The festival is held annually at Tbilisi State Conservatoire grand hall. One of its aims is to present young talented artists/performers to broader society and popularize Georgian classical music. Together with the students of Amirejibi and other famous Georgian performers many well-known foreigner musician participate in the festival such as Ken Aiso (Japan), Denis Shapovalov (Russia), Gloria Campaner, piano duo Scholtes&Janssens (The Netherlands), etc. The founder and artistic director of the festival is Tamar Licheli.